Audio Reactive Jellyfish

The movement and luminosity of each of the four creatures corresponds with the maximum amplitude of four defined audio frequency ranges (corresponding with bass, lower middle, upper middle, and treble range). Soundflower is used to redirect audio input into the Audio Analysis plugin for VDMX5-b8 (see the Soundflower–>VDMX5-b8–>Unity3D posting for more info). Slider values of the maximum amplitude for each of the four band frequency ranges (as well as the overall gain) are normalized and sent to Unity3D via OSC. These values control each creature’s position and scale as well as the position of the Particle System and the range and intensity of the Point Light they are parented with. 3 Interactive Cloths are attached to the Sphere Collider centered within each creature’s body. The lapping illusion is created by a camera rotation (with rotational velocity controlled by the overall amplitude max). The creature’s body was created in Maya.